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He would even result to violence, something he is usually against, if it meant defending Eric, including putting himself in danger.

After Aaron brought Rick Grimes's group into Alexandria, he and Eric grew a close-bond to one of the group members, Daryl Dixon.

They also collected other vintage items to decorate in their home.

In order to convince survivors to join the safe-zone, Aaron took up photography and took pictures of the community as evidence.

Aaron would then approach the survivors with the news, with Eric being his guard, and bringing the survivors back to the safe-zone for "auditioning" in front of Deanna.

In their spare time, Aaron and Eric began a hobby of collecting license plates from abandoned cars from each state, making a mural of all fifty states in their home, though Aaron lost all of his license plates when he encountered Rick's group.

Aaron is described as "an affable, good-natured, adventurous guy.

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Aaron is very altruistic and always wanted to help people, causing him to join a NGO and give supplies to those living in the Niger River Delta.The community now had Deanna as its established leader.She believed that who people were before their lives had been changed by the outbreak mattered in sustaining the community.One of the things he enjoys doing is photography and collecting memorabilia from the places he had visited.After the apocalypse, he began collecting license plates from each state to create a mural on a wall in his house.

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