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Berlanti is a fan of Michael and made an effort to have him appear on the show.

As luck would have it, Michael claimed he was a "TV junkie".

The series has been met with generally favorable reviews from critics, and each season has been released on DVD.

Greg Berlanti, who co-wrote the show with Marc Guggenheim, described Eli Stone in Variety as "a Field of Dreams-type drama set in a law firm where a thirty-something attorney, whose name is the title of the show, begins having larger-than-life visions that compel him to do out-of-the-ordinary things".

Also, the show could have ended in a cliffhanger, with Eli having a high profile as a prophet, and Dr. The American Academy of Pediatrics asked ABC to either cancel the episode or include a disclaimer emphasizing that mercury is not used in routine childhood vaccines, and that no scientific link exists between vaccines and autism.

In Malaysia, the show premiered on TV2 in June 2009, airing all the complete 26 episodes until December 23, 2009. On September 2, 2008, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released the complete first season of Eli Stone on DVD in Region 1.

The Kevin James I saw in what I’d called “the most ordinary of dumb-dad sitcoms” was reminiscent enough of Doug Heffernan, the character he played for nine seasons on , that I figured he’d be just fine, with or without Remini, his former costar. Because I’d probably have made fictional Kevin stay married to Donna, the mother of his three children, even after seeing what Kahl called the “undeniable spark” between James and his former TV wife when Remini guest-starred at the end of the first season as Kevin’s ex-partner on the job.

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After the remarriage, Auchincloss' Merrywood estate in Mc Lean, Virginia became the Bouvier sisters' primary residence, although they also spent time at his other estate, Hammersmith Farm in Newport, Rhode Island, and in their father's homes in New York City and Long Island.

This led to the singer agreeing to do several episodes, including one in which Stone represents him in the case of a teen girl who plays the song "I Want Your Sex" in protest of an abstinence-only sex education program in her school.

The final episode, "Flight Path", aired on July 11, 2009.

The series originally aired on ABC from January 31, 2008 to July 11, 2009, for two seasons.

The series follows Stone (Jonny Lee Miller), a San Francisco lawyer who begins to have hallucinations (such as a George Michael soundtrack that only he can hear and getting dive-bombed by a World War I biplane on a busy San Francisco street) which leads him to two possible conclusions: a potentially fatal brain aneurysm, or the chance that something greater is at work.

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