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Angie stood in the full-length mirror and admired what she saw. Angie was nervous about starting her first day at work at Antonelli's Construction Company.

Her tight fitting pink sweater strained to cover her 38D breasts and trim waist, will the knee length skirt showed off her full, tight butt to its maximum advantage.

A few of the guys eventually began to grab her waist and brush their crotches across her ass muttering a weak "excuse me" as they moved by her - supposedly to grab something that was always just by her desk.

The first time she was startled feeling their bulging crotches against her ass, but she began to like all of the attention she was getting.

But obviously, you're not even wearing a bra at all." As if on cue, her nipple hardened and Rob squinted his eyes and let his fingers rub across her protruding nipple.

"You come in here wearing these low cut, tight tee shirts with no bra on and wonder why we fantasize about pinching and licking those giant, oversized titties of yours." The room went deathly quiet as Rob continued his verbal and physical assault on her titties.

"I just lost bucks on these babies because I thought you wore a push-up bra.

It seemed as if everyday, one of the men stopped by her desk to compliment her on how she was doing or how pretty she looked that day.

Angie responded by working hard and going out of her way to look especially nice every day.

"You guys are so bad," she said one day as she walked in on a particularly lewd game of "Guess how big Angie's titties are." Since money was on the table, she let Steve get out a measuring tape and measure her bust line.

She nervously laughed when he seemed to take a really long time making sure that the tape fit exactly right over her nipples.

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